Do Nothing when Catastrophe strikes! (A copy cat poem!)

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Do nothing special to butter up catastrophe

When it visits you slyly, crashing through the

Front door or mostly through the night call

Or the email! Just stand very still and watch

The stray charcoal cat coming for his breakfast


With that horrid red wound on one paw that

Was making him limp all of this week when woes

wrenched your shriveled domain with dread

Then you notice the limp has vanished and a

Drop of decency from the universe falls into

your coffee alongside the stevia which is making

it taste somewhat awful and weird and maybe

you should get back to sugar for the coffee and

then you watch as the stray hungrily eats up

the softened dry food you had made for the

too young dark grey tabby who has lost her teeth,


But who refused to eat the porridge, so like all strays

This one gobbles up the food hungrily without whining

and does not let it go to waste, and that too slowly

adds another Spoonful of sugar to the slime of the

hobbled Hours, as you wait for that dreadful call from

The hospital or the school, or the office or the glum

Electricity bill office, or worse, from the water board


That they are going to cut off your water supply soon

And then you visit the terrace where your very

Own personal purple treasure of Gynura magic

Is coming up in the broken dark blue tea kettle

Your favourite aunt had given to you, long ago

When you still believed in a lot of things that have


Fallen apart, cracked, trampled on or tampered

with now, by that bent elbow of life on crooked

street. But you finish your coffee and take the bus

to the nearest Mall and watch the movie Dangal

you had been waiting to soak up for a long time,

and it is as good as you were told, stupendous, then


you read up one more short story by Rohinton Mistry,

the writer you wish would write more, and quickly,

as you are finishing all his treasures, which kept

you going when you mourned over devouring almost

everything Dickens had written. Here was another

lover of your soul like him, pouring his wit & worried

DSCN5802 (1)

hilarious horrified pen over the vast and withering, shining

and sobering magic and misery of India, all served up in such

colorful tea cups of tenderness and that odd wealth of wisdom

that only a book can hold safely for you and give it to you when

catastrophe decides to visit, to check out if it can gobble you

up but perhaps that healthy but not good for coffee stevia

sends it packing and you sit back with serenity to thank Heaven


for books and bothersome blues that always mine your magic!





Sony India asked to replace faulty mobile that kept switching on and off: perplexed the buyer!

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darkinwhiteThe complainant, S. Ramesh Sankar, an advocate, purchased a Sony Xperia Mobile model No.D6502 Xperia-Z2 from a shop in Salem, India for Rs.37,500/. But within two days of buying it, the mobile began hanging. This happened many times and then the phone began to switch on and off continuously! This perplexed the buyer no end!



Now it was given to the Sony authorized service centre to repair. He got it back after a delay of 42 days besides which he was made to pay up Rs. 2500 for the repair work in the back panel.

Then again the phone began to switch on and off! Fed up, he asked for a new mobile or his money back. But they only refurbished parts of the phone, changed the number and returned it to him. He finally sent them a legal notice and also complained to the consumer forum that this endless spiral of bad repairs had affected his work and energy and caused tension.

Sony India New Delhi claimed through its advocate that the complainant had spoilt the phone by using it carelessly but was not able to prove this charge.

The court president said that while Sony was a reputed firm, in this case, its authorized service centre had not done its job properly. Since the complaint was made during the warrenty period, the buyer was entitled to be compensated. Court President Thiru R. Ganesan ordered Sony India to replace the Sony D650 Xperia ZZ with a new mobile phone and also to pay compensation of Rs. 5000 for causing the advocate anxiety and stress and affecting his work and another Rs. 1000 as costs of the complaint. Sony India was also ordered to repay the Rs. 2500 taken from the advocate for repairs.


I-Phone online shopper falls into the darkness of bad, eerie Ebay treatment!

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I-Phone shopper falls into the darkness of bad Ebay shopping!


We all assumed that shopping online is the coolest thing that happened to consumers! But a Delhi shopper who tried to buy a Apple phone on Ebay had a very lousy experience.


Gurvinder Singh of Delhi had ordered an Apple I – Phone from Ebay online. The model he asked for was 6 S Plus Colour Rose Gold with 64 GB capacity on January 3, 2016. He paid up Rs. 55,000 to Ebay and on 8th January 2016 he got a mobile that he had not ordered! It was Apple I Phone 6 S without the Plus. Ebay did not even bother to send him the bill of the phone he had ordered. He would need this bill for registering a complaint, for getting a warranty on the phone and for insurance.

Ebay told him to click on the picture of the external packing of the I Phone they had sent, to show that they had sent the wrong model. He then asked them to collect the phone from him and send him what he had ordered.

Then his nightmare began. Ebay turned creepily silent and ignored several calls, emails, letters etc. sent by him to the Managing Director Ebay India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, another Ebay representative Vishnu Prabhu Tendulkar in Thane, Bombay, etc.

He finally complained to the Delhi consumer forum (President: S.K. Sarvaria) and Member Nipur Chandna. Ebay did not even bother to come to the consumer forum which found them guilty of deficient service and ordered them to repay Rs. 55,000 with 10 per cent interest to Gurvinder Singh along with compensation of Rs. 5000.

Pics and text: daksha