Decide to Give Up!

Decide to Give UP! One nice way of changing the world is by Giving Up! Michael Norton gives us some tips,in his book 365 ways to Change The World,  saying how giving up is good for your soul! Give up drinking bottled water! Drink tap water instead, or like we sensible people in India do, we boil and drink our own water! Or at least I hope many of us do that! I found it very easy to give up bottled water once I discovered a small colony of mysterious, unpleasant little worms swimming happily at the bottom of one … Continue reading Decide to Give Up!

Picking up the sneaky garden’s poem!

Whenever the chasm that is always hovering around us, has thumped down on me, and there is nothing to be done about it, I always go for the small things. Those drops of sugar or jaggery to be mixed into the minutes of any dagger stabbed day!   I feed the large, gentle grey and white stray cat who comes for breakfast with a special treat along with rather meanly making him finish all the leftovers that the spoilt cats have ignored. This will be good expensive fresh fish but still it makes me feel guilty. So he gets some … Continue reading Picking up the sneaky garden’s poem!