Bottled Water is “ostentatiously useless” says writer Ian Williams



If you have become a pitiful and truly foolish bottled water addict try this experiment says Richard Ehrlich in his book The Green Kitchen.

Take 2 bottles, one empty and one containing your store-bought water. Fill the empty one with tap water, then refrigerate both overnight. Overnight chilling brings them to identical temperatures and allows any odour of chlorine (a harmless and essential antimicrobial) to dissipate.


In the morning get someone to pour the waters into two glasses without telling you which is which. Taste them side by side. Can you identify them? If your blind tasting reveals no differences, quit your expensive, environmentally destructive habit on the spot!


Remember that “bottled water is “ostentatiously useless” as the writer Ian Williams, in the excellent What to Eat by Professor Marion Nestle, says!


Why we should avoid bottled water for the planet!

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Why we should avoid bottled water for the planet


The chilling news is that it takes seven litres of water and 162 grams of oil to make every plastic bottle designed to hold – you guessed it – one litre of mineral water! Now you can buy water with added “regenerative” or “protective” vitamins, surely one of the most idiotic concepts ever invented, says Bill McGuire in his very interesting book called Seven Years to Save the Planet The Questions….and Answers.


To drink water when you are away from home, carry a flask-full with you, or if in a restaurant, ask for tap water – you will save a lot of money too. Besides several times bottled waters have been found to be heavily contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Sadly, billions of the empty plastic bottles are incinerated rather than recycled. This adds to the planet’s already massive problems.