Emami Limited misuses celebrity to promote false ad about fairness cream says ASCI


The only fairness cream worth using in the Planet!


The Advertising Standards Council of India has reprimanded Emami Limited for its false advertisements also misusing an Indian celebrity for promoting its fairness cream, which is against the law. In its website ASCI says:

Emami Limited (Fair and Handsome Fairness Cream):

The statement in the advertisement,“Mardo kisakt tawacha per pink fairness cream beaasar!” (…Pink Fairness Cream is of no use on Men’s tough skin…)

was not adequately substantiated.

The endorsement by the Celebrity in the advertisement as “Mardo ki sakt tawacha per pink fairness cream beaasar!” which have not been substantiated. Therefore this part of the advertisement c ontravenes Clause (d) of the Guidelines for Celebrities in Advertising. Further t he claim , “Long Last Fairness: Visible Fairness in 3 weeks ” which appears on the product packaging implies that the product provides the claimed effect “fairness” for some ext ended time after its use has stopped or for some extended duration after the last application of the product, which was not substantiated adequately over a reasonable time period by the advertiser by objective measurements and the claim is misleading by ambiguity and implication.


Amazon India sells fake products to consumers says ASCI


Amazon India tells as many lies as a wicked de-clawing VET!



Don’t shop online! Stay home and read a book!

COMPANY:”Amazon India”
PRODUCT:”Woodland Wallet for Men”


“100% Original Products”

Amazon India proudly proclaims in its advertisements that it sells only original products to its buyers. But a smart consumer complained to the Advertising Standards Council of India that he had investigated matters and found out that Amazon is selling fake and duplicate products! He had bought some products from Amazon and paid online for them. They claimed to be from a company called Woodland. But Woodland has given written confirmation that the products delivered to him by Amazon were duplicates! He has even complained to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs!

The ASCI confronted Amazon India with this complaint and it had the nerve to reply that


Amazon will soon start selling declawing vets to nasty cat prisoners!

the advertisement demonstrates that in the segment where the caption “100% Original Products” is displayed, the same also bears a disclaimer to the effect that Terms and Conditions apply. Amazon works as a marketplace model where independent sellers can list and advertise their products to customers and it has a robust system in place to prevent unscrupulous sellers from operating through their platform to stay true to their promise of providing 100% original products. Amazon’s advertisement is an assurance to its customers that they shall never have to pay for a non-original product and the advertisement has to be seen in that context. The CCC noted that the complainant provided evidence that the delivered and the listed product is fake. The CCC was of the view that the disclaimer “Terms & Conditions apply” is not relevant and in fact is contradictory to the claim of “100% Original Products”. While Amazon asserts that they have a robust system in place to prevent unscrupulous seller from operating through their platform, in this instance Amazon was not able to ensure that the product is genuine. Based on the evidence provided by the complainant, the CCC concluded that the claim, “100% Original Products” is not substantiated and is misleading by ambiguity. The YouTube advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and I.4 of the ASCI Code as well as Clause 2 of ASCI Guidelines for Disclaimers (“A disclaimer should not attempt to hide material information with respect to the claim, the omission / absence of which is likely to make the advertisement deceptive or conceal its commercial intent”). The complaint was UPHELD.”




Aman Packers and Movers Bangalore ordered to compensate for crushed and lost household items to consumer

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Ganeshan from Bangalore had a nasty experience with the Aman Packers and Movers of Karnataka (Mr. S.A. Sagar) Bangalore, when he paid up for their services to transport all his household goods to Maharashtra. Hbroe was transferred there from his job in Bureau of Immigration Bangalore, to Maharashtra.


The Packers and Movers vehicle met with an accident halfway through and Ganeshan’s goods were damaged, lost, missing and stained with red paint when they arrived at his new home! His television, cot, grills and various other items were crushed and covered with red paint!

Though S.A. Sagar of Aman Packers and Movers at first promised to compensate, he did nothing of the sort. Instead they made him pay up another Rs. 1000 to the new van which delivered his ruined house hold items and then stopped answering all the calls he made to them. They made him run from pillar to post and finally he complained to the I Additional consumer forum, Bangalore Rural & Urban.


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The President, Sri Syed Khaleem found Aman Packers and Movers of Karnataka guilty of deficient service and ordered them to pay up Rs. 86,500 (the value of his household goods) and Rs. 7500 as compensation for their deplorable behavior towards him.

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