Wordless Wednesday’s Watered down Concerns!

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About 30 litres of water per minute rushes down the drain when you brush your teeth and leave the tap open! Shower don’t bathe!


Don’t leave water running when you clean your teeth or wash your hands and face: this wastes more water than a person in a Third World country uses in an entire day or even a week!


From: Family Circle

Wordless Wednesday’s Vegetarian friend’s Pasta treat!  

Uncategorized, weekly photo challenge Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday’s Vegetarian friend’s Pasta treat!


Barbara Dickson, television and stage actress and singer told her two young children many years ago “We don’t eat animals, Colm, because we love them. Would we eat the cat because we love the cat? No, so we don’t eat sheep or cows or pigs either.”

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When people ask her why she bothers with animal issues when there are “more important” things to do she always said that people who don’t care for animals, don’t care about each other. If you’re aware about what happens to animals, then you become more caring about everything, not just about the animals themselves.

She says her children loved veggie pates on toast and a lot of children are natural vegetarians and hate meat. To make them eat it is ridiculous. There’s nothing in meat you can’t get elsewhere in your diet.



She loves making crispy stir fries, pastas, and many other tasty veggie dishes. Here is her recipe for a quick supper pasta! This meal in a moment is simple, with fresh and zingy flavours. Serve it with a tomato salad sprinkled with fresh basil.

 Veggie Pasta in minutes!

Mushrooms, sliced.

Garlic, crushed

Pesto (basil sauce)

Fresh Parmesan grated

Fresh noodles, (tagliatelle)

Saute the mushrooms with the garlic in a little olive oil until browned. Cook the fresh pasta in lots of boiling water for 4 minutes. Drain and add the garlic mushrooms and pesto to taste. Then sprinkle with the grated Parmesan.

From: Lorraine Kay Living Without Cruelty

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