Line of Duty grips like a panther!

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Just when I thought I would finally be able to begin reading the big, fat, biography on Beethoven I had picked up long ago, Netflix flung a panther down on my head and it never let me go to visit my favourite composer’s life!

Line of Duty, Season 3 was waiting on Netflix and it was if possible, even more nail biting, more cut throat, more astoundingly good than the two before it! This might possibly be the best BBC television thriller ever! It is utterly mind-blowing, intelligent, achingly well written and acted and finishes far too soon!

You can miss anything else on Netflix but not this enthralling chiller!

The morning’s Astrologer predicts….

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The morning’s astrologer confidently predicts

a day designed by jewels for joy for one and all

if they only wash behind the ears diligently and

do the 18 hour sleep schedule with two extra hours




Wordless Wednesday’s new jewels

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New Green Jewels


  1. Choose a Christmas Tree growing in a pot.
  2. If you must have a cut tree, get it from a tree farm.
  3. Consider buying a potted Norfolk pine, which is meant to stay indoors as a year-round plant, and decorate it for the Christmas season.
  4. from: 2 Minutes a Day for a Greener Planet. Marjorie Lamb

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