Make friends with a potato and a knife for the planet!


Massive factories chop, blend and package your oven chips! And more is processed overseas than ever before! So why not use a potato, a knife and an oven tray?!!!

Home made chips always taste better, they are cheaper and you can have them in large delightful quantities!


Don’t throw away imperfect looking potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. They can still taste great.

Potatoes are one among the 50 super healing foods that Prevention Magazine mentions. They are good for having normal blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and for cancer prevention. Raw potato is also good for treating a black eye!

If you have a sty, take fresh scrapings from the inside of this delicious vegetable, put them on a piece of clean cloth and place on the sty. Replace once or twice with fresh scrapings. The swelling will be gone within a couple of hours! The Green Pharmacy By James A. Duke, PH.D.


Why not Bike for the Planet?

Why not bike?


Did you know that you could save 407 gallons of gasoline each year – half the amount burned by a car annually, if you biked to work instead of driving?

Bicycling reduces dependence on scarce, polluting oil supplies almost completely. You can travel hundreds of miles by bicycle on no more than a thimbleful of oil.

Bicycling creates no air pollution. Because you do not burn any kind of fuel but your own when you bicycle, you can ride through the environment without leaving a trace (noxious or otherwise!).


Bicycling is great exercise and helps keep your weight under control.


From: Save Our Planet by Diane MacEACHERN.