Aman Packers and Movers Bangalore ordered to compensate for crushed and lost household items to consumer

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Ganeshan from Bangalore had a nasty experience with the Aman Packers and Movers of Karnataka (Mr. S.A. Sagar) Bangalore, when he paid up for their services to transport all his household goods to Maharashtra. Hbroe was transferred there from his job in Bureau of Immigration Bangalore, to Maharashtra.


The Packers and Movers vehicle met with an accident halfway through and Ganeshan’s goods were damaged, lost, missing and stained with red paint when they arrived at his new home! His television, cot, grills and various other items were crushed and covered with red paint!

Though S.A. Sagar of Aman Packers and Movers at first promised to compensate, he did nothing of the sort. Instead they made him pay up another Rs. 1000 to the new van which delivered his ruined house hold items and then stopped answering all the calls he made to them. They made him run from pillar to post and finally he complained to the I Additional consumer forum, Bangalore Rural & Urban.


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The President, Sri Syed Khaleem found Aman Packers and Movers of Karnataka guilty of deficient service and ordered them to pay up Rs. 86,500 (the value of his household goods) and Rs. 7500 as compensation for their deplorable behavior towards him.

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Anagha Scanning Centre Mysore shocks couple with wrong diagnosis of their baby: ordered to pay compensation

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Mahesh, a resident of Mysore had taken his pregnant wife Madevi to the Anagha Scanning Centre in Mysore, to get a scanning test done as advised by their doctor. The Centre’s Superintendent and Dr. Santosh V.R. Consultant Radiologist working with this centre took three scanning tests of the mother, Madevi and gave them reports which assured them that they were going to have a healthy baby.

But the couple was shocked to find that the tests were wrong as their baby was born with severe deformities. They complained to the Mysore consumer disputes redressal forum about the negligence and deficient service of the Anagha Scanning Centre for assuring them after all the three scanning sessions that the growth of the baby in the mother’s womb was normal. The tests had failed to disclose the real condition of the fetus, and the infirmity in its growth, they learned.


The consumer forum found the Anagha Scanning Centre guilty of deficiency in service and held that it had not disclosed the true facts to the couple. It ordered the Centre and their doctor, Dr. Santosh V.R. consultant, to pay up Rs. 3,00,000 as compensation along with Rs. 5000 as costs failing which they would face imprisonment.



Sony India sells bad Bravia LED television & ordered to pay up Rs. 20,000 to Mangalore buyer

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It is much better to mess around with books than to waste money on a Sony Bravia LED television!

Mervin D’Souza had bought a Sony Bravia LED television for the festival, from Mr. Harsha of the Navarathan Complex in Mangalore. He paid up Rs. 28,300 for the television and was coaxed to pay up another Rs. 3349 to get an extended 3 year warranty.

Unfortunately, within three months the picture quality began to drop steadily and finally all that could be seen were blurred figures on the screen! He could not enjoy the new television with his guests and family during the festival.

He complained to the Navarathan Complex owner Mr. Harsha who sent a repair man to deal with the problem. The repair man surprisingly did not even open up the television to check it out. Instead he just took a picture of the Sony Bravia and told Mervin that there was internal damage in it which would cost him Rs. 10,000 to be solved! Even worse, he informed Mervin that this would not come under the 3 year warranty and he would have to pay up for the repairs!


The furious Mervin wrote to Sony India Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi and Bangalore from where it had arrived, and also to Harsha, the local seller of the bad television. They all claimed that he had somehow spoilt the television and would have to pay for the repairs inspite of having paid the three year warranty!

He complained to the Mangalore consumer disputes redressal forum and its Member Lavanya M. Rai and its President Visweshwara Bhat found Sony India, New Delhi and Bangalore and Harsha of Mangalore guilty of severe deficiency in service and ordered them to provide a brand new good LED Sony Bravia television of the same kind, and also to pay him Rs. 20,000 for mental agony caused to him along with Rs. 5000 as costs.


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