Woman left with two scissors inside her after surgery awarded compensation


Renu Aggarwal, a young 30 year old woman had gone to the Christian Medical Hospital Luthiana, (Punjab) where she was operated by one Dr. Mary Abraham for ectopic pregnancy and discharged. But she came back to the hospital complaining of persistent pain in the abdomen. The surgery had gone terribly wrong, with errors done by Dr. Mary Abraham and her team of nurses.
A second operation was done by a new team of doctors who removed the foreign bodies from Renu’s insides, which were nothing less than two scissors! They did a resection of her bowels which had developed gangrenous infection. She then complained to the Punjab State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission about the gross negligence committed by the team of doctors at Christian Medical College and Hospital.
The State Commission ordered the hospital to pay up Rs. 3,00,000 to her for medical negligence.
She approached the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission for justice against the small amount of compensation awarded her by the State Commission. She was a sales girl earning Rs. 7000 as a sales girl. The operating doctor Mary Abraham and her team had left two scissors behind in her abdomen! This horrifying and gross neglect had left her in great agony and pain. The National Commission ordered Christian Medical College and Hospital to pay up Rs. 6,00,000 lakh as compensation to Renu Aggarwal for gross negligence.
The hospital did not want to enhance the compensation saying that Dr. Mary Abraham had since died in an accident and was responsible for the faulty surgery. But the National Commission rightly replied that the hospital was overall responsible for the mistakes of their doctors and told Christian Hospital to pay Renu Aggarwal Rs 6,00,000 as compensation.
Which still seems an eerily small amount considering that she lost a large section of her intestines, and underwent enormous and atrocious pain for several months!




Very elegant eerie Green Ladies that admire garlic!


These elegant eerie green ladies prefer to have

garlic soldiers growing around their legs to

drive away the pests that often bother them




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Use Daylight more in your GREEN HOME!



Have you ever considered having a solar water heater? Ever since I got mine, 15 years ago, I have saved massively on my electricity bills. Whenever the current goes off, which happens all too often in India, I have had no problems as the sun has heated my water for me.


One family in one year can eliminate almost three-quarters of a ton of atmospheric CO2 emissions by using a solar hot water heater as their primary heating source.


Use daylight whenever possible. Many tasks can be done quite easily by the light of a window – reading, studying, sowing. Sunlight is free and does not pollute!


Don’t leave the lights on! Take a shower instead of a bath. A shower uses one third the amount of water a normal bath does.


Don’t use disposable razors and blades. Each year 2 billion razors made of plastic are thrown away to pollute the air and they don’t degrade. Go for a heavy duty long lasting metal razor and buy blades that will last a month!


From: Save our Planet by Diane MacEACHERN.

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Avoid anti wrinkle creams!

Avoid anti-wrinkle creams!


Drink 2.5 litres of water a day. Our blood is 92 per cent water, so if you are not drinking enough your complexion will look droopy and dry. Drink water and your face will glow without foundation!


Most important: avoid anti-wrinkle creams – they contain products such as alpha and beta hydroxyl acids known as ‘’skin-peelers” which dissolve the outer layer of your dead skin cells, to which the skin reacts by growing back an even thicker, tougher layer!


Beet juice lightly brushed on the cheeks imparts a rosier glow than most high priced powders!


Many women use ordinary cornmeal for a tired complexion! Lather your hands with mild soap, sprinkle the meal into the suds and gently scrub your face and neck with the solution! Mayonnaise is another good skin cleanser.


From: Go M.A.D. Go Make a Difference The Ecologist and The Mother Earth News Almanac.


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