In Despair’s Dustbin..that bundle of leftovers….



That bundle of Leftovers!


At the end of that road

After a really wrong choice

When everything is gone

And finished, why does a

Bundle of left overs tumble

Out of despair’s awful dustbin?

Bits and pieces of red & gold

Even if only the memories of

Radiance and rapture and joy

Or snippets of sugared good

Sense & survival tactics with

inner tenderness wrapped in

that Softest flannel of felicity

that always seems to belong

just to us alone, and never to

vanish with the vacuum cleaner?







Solitude, stray and slim, even nestles inside hungry places….with grace!


finds uninvited dining rooms,

soggy stations of silence and

unsure of its welcome and yet

it waits in hope and expectations!

paying back in golden measures

of tenderness clarity and calm!


A small safe magic place: A fragmented church near London Bridge to fall in love with


Serenity sits firmly inside this mysterious little quiet church near London Bridge. It is very ancient, very cracked and crumbled, and has had several nasty visits from the horrendous horrors of Hitler’s creepy regime.

But today it has survived even Hitler’s poisons, and is ornamented in greenery, solitude and utter and total peace! When I found it, quite by mistake, as I was walking around London Bridge it lured me in. It had this magical mirror effect with emerald jewels soft and safe surrounding its broken walls, and there is enough stone furniture to sit on, and to just let the world outside walk past!


It wore such a stupendous, achingly lost tale of grace and turmoil, terror and human courage and will power that it was difficult to walk out of it!

It is perhaps one of London’s most heart rending little churches! It seems to say that where everything is lost and torn up and crushed, the power of hope and peace rises up like a small ship from heaven!