Dark eerie thriller on Netflix will dazzle you: I don’t feel at home in this world anymore

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A small gem of a dark eerie comic thriller has landed on Netflix. “I don’t feel at home in this world anymore” is about a very gentle, warm, nursing assistant (Melanie Lynskey) who is achingly traumatized when a gang of very nasty, very malignant crooks rob her Grandmother’s silver, her computer and most of all her faith in living.


She gets closer to a somewhat weird, but tender neighbor (marvelously played by Elijah Wood) who helps her to look for the crooks. We are in Fargo Land and it is one big gift of very heinous eerie crackpot criminals (all exceptionally good actors) and a very unpleasant unhelpful cop (marvellous!)  who galvanizes her into doing his work.

We all fall into this hole in our lives, when we don’t feel at home in the world! Our personal jewels are burglarized by bullies, morons or racoons and we crash. This movie which of course did very well at the Sun Dance festival also has achingly haunting music, truths about life’s very mean holes and hurdles, and will dazzle you out of the most annoying day you may be having!

It is a must see, for every one who likes dark and dangerous, dreadful and dampening, dolorous and demeaning, all served up in a king size coconut and cream cake of humour and tenderness and wit.

Macon Blair wrote and directed this little jewel of a movie. You really can’t afford to miss this caper into very creepy corners of mayhem!