Why are Orchids Adored by me?

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I wonder why orchids are adored by me

With their snooty, superior detailed designs

Do they remind me of my younger, stronger,

Bossier self? That woman who had one day shouted


Long ago, at an astounding seller of brassieres that

cured cancer, on the net? I had reported him in

the news and he came to the office to demand an

apology and I had rattled him so much with my

fury that had sunk into helpless laughter too that

he had scuttled off a little abashed and quite scared


yes I think the orchids in the park yesterday reminded

me of that day of unabashed victory and empowers

me with their somehow cheeky very rare radiance!

pics and text: daksha


Should you trust a morning wearing shocking red brocade?!

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Should you trust a morning wearing

such improper dazzling red brocade

when it tells us that it will be the best

possible day for sensible serenity and  its

wisdom bossing over us to turn Netflix off

even if Ryan Gosling is on! and

switching on the sparklers of the sun?!

to sort out the day arrange it all for you?

pics and text: daksha