How I met my Zen Cat

How I met My Zen Cat

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When I was working in a newspaper office, many years ago, I often collided with the dark, dolorous serpents of jealousy and stupidity that squiggle around in offices all over the world.

Being somewhat ambitious, and too hard working for my own good, I was often able to dig out a good health story or a scam story in a day or two. The Editors began to love me, while the seniors above me, began to loathe me. They were the real bosses who ran the paper, so two of them, who had turned older, lazier, lousier and lugubrious, often strangled the stories I gave to them for publishing. Since I hadn’t learned the rules of work places, where you need to butter up creepy, cantankerous seniors I instead unfortunately stood up for myself and was forthright and furious, which got me into trouble! The serpents wrapped their oily scales around the story and me, and let me simmer in sorrow and despair.


At such derailed times, I often ran out of the office and climbed up the stairs to the roof of a friend’s house where a 100 odd stray cats were treated to royalty by him. Here I found the grey, brown and orange cat who always pulled me out of the vicious cruel mouth of the office serpents. This became the Zen Hour and the cat I named MOhanthal (after a dessert Mother often made during festivals) was also called my Zen Cat.


When I was just beginning to wonder about Zen and what it really meant, this cat gave me an inkling of it. She sat under a pillowing pink cloud of flowers, and seemed to be meditating. I first really understood the meaning of meditation, when I saw this cat under her calming pink wall. This was my very first Zen Hour….and many more were to follow, as office calamities mounted! But I never felt alone again……

Fly Less for the Planet!

Fly less for the planet!


Instead of travelling to a business meeting think about using the latest conference-calling phones and web cams – they are much easier to use! Remember that just one 400 mile round trip by plane adds 1.38 tonnes of carbon dioxide to your personal footprint!

So only fly when absolutely necessary, and choose the train where possible.


Treat yourself to a nice china mug! Forget about using paper, plastic or polystyrene cups for tea and coffee! The china mug will make your tea taste better, stay hotter and you won’t be contribution to landfill chaos every time you enjoy your drink!


From: How Can I Stop Climate Change? Friends of the Earth.