The Petal Leaflets for the Planet





The Magic of Leafmould


Each autumn a huge quantity of leaves is collected from the trees in the grounds. Most are raked up by hand and then piled up in a utility area enclosed by trees. After two years the heap has reduced by at least two thirds and its contents metamorphosed into the most glorious, dark brown, chocolate cake substance that crumbles into tiny pieces when you rub it through your fingers. “If it looked edible to me, it is pure ambrosia for the plants in the Orangery where it is used as a top dressing, applied about 5 cm deep. ‘The secret is to agitate the leaves at least twice during the season, otherwise they just stick together, and the layers are preserved, rather like paper’ explains Fred.


From: Green Gardening. Practical Advice from National Trust Gardeners.

For the BIG problems start SMALL!


Every year Americans throw away enough office paper and writing paper to build a wall 12 feet high, stretching from Los Angeles to New York City!

Most countries will have equally scary facts to worry about! The average office worker throws away about 180 pounds of high grade recyclable paper every year! Each ton of recycled paper saves more than three cubic yards of landfill space!

Every ton of recycled office paper saves 380 gallons of oil!


But personally you can even start small! They might not save the world but they will make you feel better! Bring a coffee cup to work instead of using a disposable cup!

Start composting vegetable and fruit peelings, newspapers and coffee and tea grounds in the garden! Look for plants that are slowly dying out in the world and grow them at home. Start with an orchid!


Creepy X Men Instant Fairness Cream hoodwinks buyers!


An amazing advertisement appeared in the media about the X – Men Instant Fairness Cream for men! It was advertised through the Sony Pictures Network India P. Ltd.  A consumer complained to the Advertising Standards Council of India that the ad was making misleading ridiculous claims about the cream providing instant whitening or fairness!

The ASCI approached Sony Pictures Network India to  get the contact details to find out the company that was promoting this cream. But strangely enough the company was as mysterious and eerie as the X Men in the ad! It had vanished along with them! It did not come forward to provide evidence of their cream’s powers to the ASCI which said it had contravened clauses relating to promoting products about instant fairness, whitening agents, dark spot removers etc. Promising such magical cures was not legal.


Believe it or not! What we can do


Here are some chilling facts!

Every single day, Britain produces enough rubbish to fill Trafalgar Square – up to the top of Nelson’s Column!

India probably does the same, or worse, like a 1000 Taj Mahals crammed with trash! Almost every Government building in my city, Bangalore, has leaking taps in the loos and the bathrooms! They are never fixed!


The Japanese throw away 16 million pairs of chopsticks every day – all of them made from the precious wood from the tropical rain forests of Sarawak!

These facts can drown us in despair! Instead we can just do one thing at a time to feel better: take a shower instead of a bath.Not leave the taps open while we are brushing our teeth, or washing our hands, hair etc.

from: The Young Green Consumer Guide. John Elkington and Julia Hailes.

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