Magic has that kiss of….

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Magic also fancies the

Unread waiting book

That sneaks very slickly

Inside the grime of a

Problem, a bother or

A needling nagging woe

Waiting to smother hope

To strange and stain you

DSCN2412 (1)

Till those pages crinkle &

Turn over and embroil the

Crooked hour to submit

To tranquility’s sly kiss






Make a swimming pool for fleas!

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Make a swimming pool for fleas


Try this recipe for catching the fleas attacking your cat: use a shallow pan half filled with soapy water (use Ivory Liquid soap). Place a light over the pan to attract the fleas. The fleas like the heat from the lamp and jump for the heat, fall into the water and lack swimming skills, so they drown. The soap eliminates the surface tension of the water and the fleas can’t bounce back.


From: The Buggy Professor’s Club the Bugs & Scare the Critters: Dr. Myles H. Bader.