Can you ditch chocolate for avocado?

5 simple swaps for health! There are five simple ways to feel healthier! Try them! Swap butter for avocado says Good Food magazine! Spread mashed avocado on crackers or visit for their luscious free-from chocolate avocado recipe! Avocados contain … Continue reading Can you ditch chocolate for avocado?

Marry a meadow & divorce your lawn!

Have you tried the meadow idea instead of your water guzzling lawn?   The wisest, brightest, greenest gardeners around the world are now divorcing their lawns and marrying meadows! This is a very cheering event for the health of the planet. Earlier people who owned lawns fertilized and watered to make grass grow and then recklessly tore it up every week with growling, fossil-fuel powered lawnmowers. To add to this, was the reality of too many accidents happening with lawnmower usage.   Now the meadow owner has a more fluffy, happier looking turf made up of native grasses, sedges, or … Continue reading Marry a meadow & divorce your lawn!