Happiness paints your garden wall with its mysterious servant…


But if we slip into each isolated day by leaving happiness alone to its own concerns it generally arrives at our doorstep even ringing the door bell loud and clear or most often it slips through the windows or even the back door and sometimes just sits on the garden wall making it look so pretty you realise you don’t have to paint it after all. Happiness does the work for you using unexpected servants of its own….


Yesterday we went up to the green house to check on it after a sudden unexpected torrential rain storm had hit the city. The green house was half flooded with water, and messy with soil and half composted matter shrubs and fallen pots. But inside that chaos the plants were fresh and blooming under the morning sunshine. The passion flower that had been sickly all this month was suddenly darker green and had lost that dirty yellow look it had got from some mysterious ailment.

The Wandering Jew had put out very thick fresh new leaves inside a small water garden and gave us two sturdy new cuttings to plant inside the water pot someone had discarded in the trash. Till now no plant had survived in this pot but the Wandering Jew fitted nicely inside its small lip and hope settled down there along with the typical Hyderabad sun, very very hot!

DSCN1105 (4)

It was possible to scoop up water clogging the green house floor with a small mug. The green fern already needed another drink so it was given it. The very first attempt at making a cheese and garlic bread at home, had given middling results. But everyone ate it up joyously as such items were still scarce in the supermarkets. Then a pizza base was also made to try out home made pizzas as this item too was not available…


Then happiness also tagged along with us as we inspected the green house damage and found there was none. All the plants seemed to have liked the storm and were wearing a different kind of green dressing from this foe that had swept through them all through the night.

DSC08437 (2)

And as we took stock of the bits and pieces of every day that gleamed and beckoned and sprang out at us from mysterious corners and holes and hurdles, we realised one thing: it is better not to take stock of happiness in these deranged times being threatened by the coronavirus bad guest. It is better to just let happiness do its work without being harassed or badgered or stalked. It then pounces on us with the additional package of peace and surprises like silver bronze coins never seen before….



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