Five reasons for letting a cat adopt you and five reasons for not allowing it…





Five reasons to have a cat in your life….or NOT!
1. One very good reason to have a cat in your life, or rather for a cat to have you in her life is: she will teach you to bathe twice or even thrice on very hot days, as she washes herself so often and so vigorously that you will copy her!

2. A cat will always tell you the real reason for having a window sill in your home!

3. A cat is the only Magic Voice in the world which says : its perfectly fine to sleep away your entire day & night too!

4. A cat will always remind you that the best choice every day is to not shop but save the environment and nap instead!

5. Your cat will always remind you to water the plants!


Five reasons why you might not want to have a cat in your life!

1. A cat may be the only family person in your life who can give you the most judgemental, the most scolding, the most furious look in the world, which says “you are always at fault!” and she or he can make you believe it!

2. If you are a book worm and love books over everything else in your life, you may not want to let a cat adopt you. Mine will only sit on the book I am currently dying to finish to tell me that books are just furniture.

3. If you are not a good nurse, then a cat will not be the best guest to arrive at your doorstep. She will take you to hell and back so many times that you might not even survive long enough to decide about anything in this matter!

4. If you like plants above everything else, then tell the cat who arrives at your gate to find another one please. My cats have treated my fittonias and ivies and ferns with such disdain that I cannot believe I have still allowed five of them to rule over me!

DSC08299 (3)
5. If you like having friends over, your normal two legged friends, and don’t want to feel your cat’s very rude, judgemental look, then don’t answer the doorbell when you hear a meow outside!



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