Pieces of Joy from the coronavirus crocodile: in a Window Cat’s Diary!

A Window Cat fills up another page of her diary thanking the Coronavirus for reminding her about the little things that help us to survive!


I am now the window cat who only wants to write her diary. Forget about potting and weeding and watering and all that gardening crap! Here are some tiny pieces of happiness we manage to squeeze out of the dark, dreary, worrisome days imprisoned inside the fangs of the coronavirus crocodile.


The coconut cake turned out perfect, made in 7 minutes inside the microwave which has become our best friend. It is too hot to make a cake in the oven which takes very long. But the microwave does it in minutes.


The hanging basket of the Wandering Jew has begun to fill up again after too many cuttings were taken from it to make new ones. And we now have twenty new glorious Wandering Jews shining maroon and silver inside cut glass bowls and mugs, large bottles and mud pots.


Kitchen trash from three flats has given us ten large pots crammed with fresh, coffee brown soil so rich that it needs very little watering, even inside this terrible Hyderabad heat.

That adorable Chinese evergreen plant, the Aglaonema with its pink and green leaves has put out tiny little babies inside a silver aluminum jug and one leaf is about to open up by this evening or tomorrow morning, it is like waiting for Hope to visit by making a lemon cake for her!




beloved 2

The rose garden is out of reach in this lockdown but there are a million roses waiting in the laptop to tell their own little stories, one by one, to pass the time.


The composting has become so active, so generous, like a friendly next door neighbour who always sends delicious breakfast daily, it keeps on filling up one pot after another…..a green bank that keeps giving dividends and cheques for nothing except onion, potato, carrot skins, egg shells and old used up things! Magic.


I have filled up one page of this diary and will now have a short nap to recover from my new window watching and creative endeavours.

You can write back to comment on my work. Catnip is always welcome to encourage my new venture.




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