A Window Cat’s Diary of the coronavirus Season!

A Window Cat’s diary about the Coronavirus Season

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If anyone is reading this diary, I would like to introduce myself. I am a cat-gardener who was fired recently for sitting on top of a beloved fittonia instead of alongside it. But no worries. I became a window cat by slowly edging one plant after another off the window sill so I could make myself a proper space. And since the coronavirus is slithering all over the place, we cats get a lot of pampering so it was quite easy to inch myself slowly in to turn into a window cat.\

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Now the problem that most window cats may face is this: they could be rudely accused of being nosy parkers staring away at the world outside with nothing better to do. Or they could be nastily called peeping toms which is even worse! Or they could even be shamed by being called meddlers!

windowcat 015 (2)

But I decided to ignore all these problems and began to write my diary about how our lives have changed with the coronavirus invading our days with darkness and derailment.

The first thing I want to pen down in my diary is that I am not all that sad about being sacked and banished from the garden. After all we never did sort out that nagging, piercing, sticky problem about the catnip not being added to my pay check which itself was pitiful so I am fine about it all. Plus I got to write my diary which I have always wanted to do.

Well at first the coronavirus was bearable till it slowly became unbearable. I watch the kids playing on our road every day and the first thing they do is to remove their masks! Then small crowds gather quickly when the vegetable and fruit sellers come in their vans. All that was sorted out by the cops but when the cops leave, it all begins again: this eerie recklessness!

And as for us, as the lockdown was extended our cat food began to have more rice and more bread and more carrots and beans, than fish and meat! Stress began to build up with the lady we own and with us as well. We tried as best as we could to manage with all this boring stuff with our dinners and lunches. And at one time it got so bad that when we asked for more, like Oliver Twist, our lady said “Now you all can eat me! Or better still I should just eat you all up!”

This took us aback for only a second. The first option we dealt with by blinking at her and the second option did not worry us. She is a vegetarian after all and would not fancy a feline curry or pastry. Then luckily we got some online seller who came home and gave us more cat food so for a while all is well with our zone. Till then we watch Netflix or Apple TV which had the extremely good The Morning Show and is now treating us to Defending Jacob. Netflix has too many goodies to name: The Derry Girls to laugh our heads off, Narcos Mexico, Joker in Amazon Prime which we found awful, though the acting was stunning. The story was silly and shallow.


Now we are having another dinner of bread and cat food mixed. If you feel sorry for me, you can cheer me up by telling me how you liked my very own diary and whether I should continue writing it with the help of this very friendly window seat…..

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