Cat-gardening with the coronavirus & the Wandering Jew

cat-gardener and the Wandering Jew

I am the cat-gardener who is still slogging away in the green house as I haven’t been fired yet. I try to take my naps between watering and planting and sewing and checking out the ivies, the ferns, the money plants and the cacti.


Today we went up early to water the plants and a tiny orange and brown butterfly visited us and I was told to behave myself and not make it my breakfast. I was too sleepy anyway and had a nap while the little visitor went around the entire green house inspecting the plants.

Two dying ferns were brought upstairs from the flat to feel more sun and air. But they looked so dead that a new plant was put inside them. The magic of gardening is that the tiniest garden in the green house will have a gift waiting for you every single day. Something would have come up to make you smile and keep the coronavirus out of doors for a while!


The Wandering Jew, a maroon beauty has already given us several new pots of it. It has grown inside a jug, a kettle, a teapot, a normal pot, a wooden mug and inside a large hanging pot from where it gives us a small cutting every single day to fill up an empty pot where a green death has occurred!

We recommend the Wandering Jew to fall in love with while the coronavirus is raging outside trying to kill us and everything else. Sometimes the whatsap messages giving tips on how to deal with the virus are helpful. But some are just plain silly. There is one where a lady in Gujerati shrilly sings an unnerving song telling us how often to wash our hands and each time she says to use a tissue to dry up! So while we may be killing the virus we are also killing the environment by using up paper towels! Plus she was a bit irksome and so we switched off and turned to the Wandering Jew which first of all is not shrill, not annoying and very quiet, serene, beautiful with its purple stripes and green ones painting its maroon dresses. It creates peace and beauty in silence and what can be better than that?

The joy it gives is doubled because it also grows in water. So we put it inside some stunning glass bottles and painted kettles we had found in a crockery so long ago when the virus had not crashed down upon the world. We had paid just 20 rupees each for many of those glass treasures. And now they were helping us to pass the time profitably while the virus rages outside.


To end now here is a tip to make a Tick and Flea Shampoo from The Reader’s Digest:

You must buy oat-meal shampoo from health food shops. Take one fourth cup water and 4 drops of tea-tree oil. Mix together in a bottle and shake nicely. Shampoo your dog once a week.

For your cat: one cup water, four to six drops of tea-tree oil and four to six drops of lavender oil. It can also be used on dogs. Make this into a spray and spray it on your dog or cat but take care to keep it away from their eyes.

Until next time find the nicest cosiest place to keep away from the corona virus.

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