Cat-gardening with the coronavirus & the Merry Money Plant!

Cat-gardening Chronicles: Cat-gardening with the scary, eerie, frightening coronavirus epidemic & the gentle Money Plant!

White Socks and the Money Plant

I am the newest cat-gardener reporting on how we are surviving this terrible isolation that the coronavirus has brought down upon the whole of India and most of the world.

Everything changed so suddenly. We are house bound and locked in and in a daze of dread, worry and endless decisions to be made.

But once we reached the Green House at the very top of our building we were taken in by the ferns, the ivies, the succulents, the cacti and other friends. The nicest friends of course turned out to be the Money Plant and the Synghonium, giving us endless new plants out of cuttings. They make new gifts without fuss or bother. Suddenly we will find a new plant coming up in a pot, mug or jug where we have put it.

Initially the money plants we had bought from a roadside s

eller, which looked like two huge curtains as you can see in this pic, did not grow from cuttings and we wondered why. It was unbelievable that a money plant would not increase from cuttings. Then we later realised that we had to put the cuttings in water for three or four days after which new roots sprang up. Then we had to pot them.

White Socks is found sleeping on the job

This became magic and we now have money plants coming up in seven new pots. But alas the wall ivies decided to die on us. None of them came up. The colored ones and the plain green ones all died on us. Even the always reliable portulaca has got pests so we had to spray a herbal medicine on it.


But the money plant alone on its own was able to keep us from the dark, dreadful clawing fangs of the coronavirus epidemic strangling everything around us.

My firm advice to all isolated persons is to make friends with a money plant. Right now it is the only friend you can hug without endangering your life!


And then there is Netflix which kept us inside its magic with a Spanish thriller called The Occupant. It is quite nice, almost as good as that very superior An Invisible Guest. That was pure magic. Then there are the Derby Girls returned to make you laugh out loud. They are cheeky, cheering and absolutely needed to laugh through this terrible time!

I am the newest cat gardener who got this job by lurking in the green house where I was spotted by the owner, and fed, housed and named White Socks! When you see me you will agree with my view that it was not a very bright, smart choice of name! But I will forgive the giver.

Alas my job as a cat-gardener lasted only one day. I slept through the entire day and was never found awake long enough to qualify as a plant lover!

But I don’t mind. Being a stray who has been recently given a home, I need to catch up on hours of hunger and want, by eating all I can, and sleeping as much! You in the meantime look after your Money Plant and it will look after you through the petrifying season of this virus waiting to catch you by the throat!

Drink hot tea four or five times a day to fight it. We drink lemon grass tea and ginger tea which grow in the green house.

Wash your hands frequently.

Best of all do steam inhalation which has worked wonders for even doctors dealing with the disease. They do this several times a day and keep themselves safe.

Good bye for now, from White Socks!

4 thoughts on “Cat-gardening with the coronavirus & the Merry Money Plant!

    1. alas I seem to be good with the indoor plants but vegetables and herbs just don’t like me! I can grow the philodendron, the money plant, the lemon grass, succulents, ivies etc. but mint and basil just won’t grow! isn’t that odd?!


      1. are you composting your kitchen wastes etc. I did that all these six months and got amazing fresh soil like soft coffee powder! plants are growing richly inside this soil!


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