Cat-gardening Chronicles recommend stunning movie A Sun from Thailand and save banana skins for your roses

Cat-gardening Chronicles: a little problem with the croton feeding a gruesome white cancer!

Our boss was very happy with a cardboard box full of slightly or hardly damaged glass bowls, three pretty kettles, several encrusted white bowls, from a crockery shop to use in the green house. But when we started sweeping out the mounds of soil, shrubs, dry leaves and other clutter, we discovered that the only remaining croton in the green house was wearing eerily grey leaves instead of the usual bright orange, red, dark green and yellow ones.

An inspection revealed that there was a white grotesque fungus stuck like toothpaste or something  to its roots and leaves and it was not at all feeling well. Someone was too tired or lazy to go down to get some turmeric to put on the cancerous growths. But luckily we found an all round sprayer with herbal medicinal spray inside it. It just had to be sprayed on the sick croton. Alas, the spray just did not work. This happens to most of us when we use sprays. They almost always never work, especially when we badly want them to work!

Alas the only ones we cat-gardeners have had to endure are the sprays for fleas! These always work and we run like the wind when they are going to be used.

Then we just opened the spray bottle and washed off the fungus and gave a bath with the medicine to the croton using a small brush. Then we removed most of the leaves, kept the four or five remaining ones and put it near a sunny spot to rest and recover!

Luckily there were many plants with generous extra cuttings to take from, to fill up some of the glass treasures we had picked up. A gaudily painted kettle looked more stylish when we stuck a mauve Wandering Jew inside it. Another one got a money plant. All the plants from Plant Centre, in  Secunderabad were hardy, healthy, and very thickly crammed with extras, to turn into fresh new plants, for free!

After shopping greedily for plants and enchanting affordable glorious cutlery comes the time to deal with mess, pests, sprayers and clearing out the trash! Treating the croton to medicines led to treating the portulaca as well which had developed smaller pests. But then came the joy of filling up some of the colourful and  very pretty kettles, mugs and cups and soon the morning vanished into afternoon and it was time for lunch……

Suddenly the corona virus came down upon our city as well and we were isolated for an entire week. Then gardening came in very handy and that brazen shopping for chipped and slightly damaged glass vessels did not seem like a bad idea. We got plenty of time to fill them up with plants.

Then there was Netflix which had this stunning, wrenching family drama from Thailand called A Sun, the winner of five awards for its exquisite story about the tragedy connected to two sons. It will keep you hooked and even a little weepy. No one should miss this treasure of a movie.

My catnip is still not added to my pay cheque and I am wondering how to solve this problem. Till then I work as hard as a cat-gardener can, considering his important sleeping needs…and here is a small tip for you from the Reader’s Digest about: add any banana skins to your compost pile. They are rich with phosphorus and potassium. Another good idea is to bury potato skins just under the surface of a flower bed around rose bushes.

until next time, stay safe, garden more and hide inside Netflix and wait for my next page of wisdom from cat-gardening!

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