Notes from an orange kitten found napping in a gross bed!

Yes I know what you all are going to say. That it is really gross to choose a meat shop grimy with blood, bones, dirt, claws, even an old slipper, and other unimaginable mess, to nap in.

But what can I do? I belong to that race which is suddenly pounced upon by a terrible and instant need for sleep! It can hit us anywhere, anytime, anyhow, and we have no control over it!

The person who took this picture was not pleased and said a lot of unkind, horrified, scolding things to me but fortunately I was asleep and could not hear her.

The truth is that the meat shop owner threw some fresh, blood streaked meat at me and I gobbled up this dinner, again frowned upon by the woman who brought me cat food. Well she must know that fresh meat tastes much better than cat food!

I am a stray orange  Tom from a slum area and we all love fresh meat! And in this instance, I was so happily well fed that the sleeping disease grabbed me and would not let go of me.

Now the last thing to mention is this: what could an orange kitten be dreaming of as he naps on a mound of dirt, filth, mess, blood, soil, grime, gruesome other messes? Well I am dreaming about what I will do when I grow up. Perhaps I will kill all the vets in the world that still declaw us! Or I will write a book about lying cat lovers who adopt us and then declaw us. Or maybe I might just travel the world to find the shop called Walmart from where someone kind sent us catnip packets? That may be the coolest place to sleep in instead of this greasy grotesque bed I chose. But what can I do when the sleeping bug grabs hold of me?

And if any of you feel sorry for me instead of being shocked by my choice of bed for a catnap, you are welcome to send me a large box of catnip and a comfort card. After all I have shown the world that one can sleep anywhere at all, if one wants to! It does not really matter as long as you get your 18 hours of sleep!

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