How to survive being a mere Portulaca CAT Gardener!

Cat-gardening Chronicles: How to tolerate being a MERE Portulaca Gardener!

Cat-gardener napping after watering the ferns which need water twice a day in hot weather

Alas some days are so bad in the green house, that we wonder whether we have become cat-gardeners for growing just portulaca, Ivies, FERNS, sweet potato plants and the Wandering Jew! But don’t kill yourself with shame and sorrow – there is always Netflix to cheer some people up! We were hooked by a film called Arrival, a science fiction delight with the marvellous Amy Adams in it! It took care of some of our gardening grief.

Then there are those two large curtains made by the good old Money Plant against which I am having my small gardening rest.

the white portulaca cheered us up as usual!

Then a white portulaca cheered us up, as it grew faithfully inside the green house. Then there were seven ferns, all doing well after we realised they should be watered twice a day. They love moisture too so the ones in the bathroom did even better!

the Portulaca nap helps you to survive sad garden losses!

The wall ivies were also giving us a hard time. But finally of the three we got, one survived and has begun to stick to the garage wall which is a real pleasure.

the Silver Dust is fainting all the time but the Wandering Jew, the tiger of all gardens is blooming gloriously!

Then there is the philodendron which creeps around your gruesome garden hours like the best nanny you bought at Plant Centre, your favourite nursery in Secunderabad on Diamond Point road where you will find the most amazing new plants you haven’t even dreamt of, with prices that will make you smile. This philodendron which we had bought in a small plastic bag, has now become a mini palace creeping around a blue and white kitchen shelf that was removed to make place for a cane one. Now this blue and white discard is making friends with the philodendron and both are adding beauty to a very ancient table in the garage where cats come to rest adding their elegance to everything. It just goes to show, that the best things in life are almost free! We only have to keep our eyes open to see the gifts!

And with such little crafty green games we are surviving the ghastly deaths of two more Passion Flowers we got last week! We cannot understand their language and they refuse to understand our beseeching question: why won’t you grow nicely in this green house?

Luckily the white portulaca and the pale cucumber green money plant answer with love and generosity and we are happy gardeners again. Now if the nursery where we are going today, finally has a catnip plant to buy for me, all cat gardeners will start believing in magic for cats…But that is another story. In the meantime Hope is always a friendly letter waiting for us in the post box!

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