How Cat-gardening can pull you out of poverty to get instant riches!

cat-gardening brings you instant riches

If you have become poor: this cat gardener will show you how to make profits from nothing!

This month our main gardener was all ready to go to the nursery to pick up new plants for the green house on top of the world! Or so it seemed, because there we get away from the cramps and crumbling of the daily living muddles! Just gazing into the eyes of a surviving new sweet potato plant or the always generous Wandering Plant is enough to take us into another little new world, ours alone, to do with as we like!

Alas other shocks sprang upon us, with tooth ache problems and major expenses which profited the dentist and impoverished us! So we were getting a little glum as it seemed foolish to visit the nursery to shop recklessly,  till we reached the green house. There we found ten new portulacas had come up from the cuttings and were now shining away like tiny roses for the poor gardener, on top of the red book shelves we had got for free from a kind soul! Then we also discovered the brand new glass treasures we had received as a gift from our family – a dented white mug, two tall, large, stunning white jars or something resembling these, three glass jugs, two slim bottles, all at cut prices from a cutlery store that gives away slightly damaged goods at a deliciously low price. As we set about filling these up with water and putting water plants inside them, like the lovely philodendron with its heart shaped leaves, the tiny new money plant, the large old money plant and several new versions of it, riches seemed to fall down upon us from heaven’s garden, if there is one, somewhere, without pests in it.

Then we gazed upon the rainbows of crotons that had died upon us in the hot sun which had been put inside the green house to recover. While we were not sure what the status was with them, the tiny little creepers we had grown around them were coming up very nicely, like small new profits from peace!

The English ivy too had survived, while its twin had died. The three new sweet potato plants were doing better when watered twice a day in this heat, while the ferns as usual begged for more water! A small dying fern had also come up nicely in a new pot, with a drink of water twice a day.

One thing gardening teaches us is this: when one plant dies, you don’t die with it. Instead you immediately take a cutting and put a new plant in the pot of the dead one. Deal with plant death by breeding a new plant! The garden soldiers who help us to survive such losses are: the portulaca, ivies, the wandering jew, the philodendron and the fern. They never disappoint us. The silver dust too is a friendly plant but needs watering and very hot sunlight.

One happy thing we learnt today was that our rich stock of the Wandering Jew can also be grown in plain water! It will come up quickly and give a purple, green and maroon colouring to the place where it comes up! So we put it inside one of the glass containers we had received. Just a few interesting tricks in the green house helped us to come out of our glum gloom….gardening, and especially cat=gardening has that ability to make you climb out of the blues and into hot, fresh sunshine!

the Wandering Jew will grow in water for you!

The Wandering Jew and a cat-gardener taking his well deserved rest after weeding!

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