The Green Fittonia revives after three weeks: Cat-gardening Chronicles

cat-gardener caring for the sweet potato plant

It was a hot day in the Green House, painted yellow, and because the Boss had a tooth ache and a painful day, we visited it only at five, after a mug of coffee, for her, not me. We found that the two pink and purple leaved sweet potato plants were shimmering while one looked dull. The nursery shop keeper from whom we had bought it just a day ago,  had told us to water this plant only once in three days. But this was the very next day and it was wilting. So we watered it quickly. Or rather, I watched carefully as my Boss watered it and gloated over the old rescued sweet potato plant which was coming up with darker almost crimson leaves.

But all was not well there. One red fittonia was punishing us by wilting. It reminded us that we should have watered it twice daily. This is Hyderabad and very hot even in winter like a wicked witch who fell out of the mouth of the sun, itself! The rainbow of crotons were also in bad shape and we are not sure whether we need to water them twice or once. The three poinsettias were doing fine and their small new buds were waiting for us to gloat over.

Even the money plants and the always friendly purple and green Wandering Jew was now clambering all over the cane meshes of a small shelf there and we watered all six pots of it. It was like meeting a friend who has absolutely no tantrums, no grudges, no mean shocks to give us! One table was full of dark blue African violets with a single pink one. They were all shining away into the evening, cheering us up. One of the creepers with tiny white scented flowers had decided to die on us so we watered it with a lot of hope and grief attached. Then we picked up the sick red fittonia and brought it down. We hear it loves moisture so we put it in the bathroom inside another cane shelf and will keep the light on all night to pamper it. We are being very bad to the environment and it will not thank us for this rotten behaviour. All for  a fussy red fittonia.

Then we got a shock as another red fittonia arrived from Amazon that we had not even ordered. It was a little red stunner and was put in the bathroom alongside the ill one. We hoped that something good would come out of this trick.

The five portulaca had begun to flower as this adorable little baby rose always does, to make gardening bearable when too many deaths have occurred in a green house, painted yellow, revealing the pathetic gardening knowledge of the owner.

There is also no catnip growing in this yellow house which is not showing much respect for the cat-gardener who never stops purring to revive broken hearts, burning shame and sorrow when too many plants refuse to revive. But when we finally came down to the house, we found that one green fittonia plant bought three weeks ago, growing in coco pit inside a hanging pot had suddenly begun to perk up and we were glad we had watered it every single day, whenever we saw it drying up. Now we added a slather of fresh coco pit to it and watered it again and gazed gratefully at it.

Catnip is not available in any of the nurseries we checked out till now. Hopefully we can buy it online. Or it may come to us magically like this second red fittonia which has come for free, from Amazon! Reminding us that no matter how the world, the Taliban, your family, your friends or your enemies treat you, the garden will always shock you into magic and mercy served with marvellous mugs from HOPE that says never stop gardening!  And always hire a cat-gardener for he or she needs cat food, fresh fish, water, yoghurt and 18 hours of that very important nap alongside the ferns!

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