Morning’s Post from Magic: Cat-gardening Chronicles!

the dying purple and pink creeper and me trying to save it

Today we went to the green house which is actually a yellow house and inspected all the green fittonias and a few red ones we had put out in various new pots to somehow revive them. They were growing in coco pit which was a new feature for us and something went wrong. We tried everything but they all drooped like hungry starving beggars. So then we looked at the crotons which had been like an army of rainbows for some days. But now they too had been attacked by that garden ghoul who attacks all gardeners, especially us who have just begun to have a green house, painted yellow, and are new at this kind of gardening in a very hot place which is called Hyderabad.

I am the cat-gardener for this green house, painted yellow, and one of the saddest stories is also about the three white poinsettias we had bought three months ago. They had been standing like three white angels inside the green house for some weeks and then had suddenly begun to droop and drop leaves and suddenly fainted dead! We tried everything and finally were told they had been overwatered. So we began to treat them with twice a week watering and lots of hope! But nothing changed and we grieved over them every single day, morning and evening, and kept on treating them with water and lots of hope!

The money plants we had bought from a roadside seller disappointed us as well when we tried to make cuttings out of them and planted these in hanging pots. Money plants never disappoint any gardener and always give new plants from cuttings. But these were hybrid or some such thing as they all died. Finally we could only rely on the philodendron and the good little portulaca flowers which came up within a day, wherever we put out cuttings: white, pink, yellow, red flowers. We were able to fill up an entire red shelf with these beauties alongside which the green ferns also very hardy and friendly put out their pale green beauty.

The most worrying of all these garden mishaps and mistakes was the purple, pink creeper which had been shimmering and shining in two pots on the lower terrace for several weeks. But inside the green house they did well for a while and then began to die on us. In this case we realized it was a water drinker and needed to have a drink morning and evening. While two got lost, today we found that the last one had survived because we had put a plate under it, filled with water to keep it damp all day! We are now trying to discover its name and in the mean time we are gloating over one mistake that was corrected!

And then we discovered that the three white poinsettias, our dying white angels have also put out tiny shoots all over them! We have been watering them every other day and this seems to have worked!

Now with all the gardening stories from me for you, I hope my boss hikes my salary and adds that important clause for all cat-gardeners: 18 hours of sleep with a packet of catnip for all that extra purring to keep you from fainting when your crotons crumble, your fittonias falter, faint and hurt you, and the roses never even bother to grow for you.

crotons are probably asking for more water

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