Cat-gardening Chronicles: why all smart gardeners employ a Cat-gardener!

When your orchids droop, your cat-gardener will purr to comfort you!

All really smart gardeners always employ a cat-gardener and it is not because they want this furry employee to water the roses or spray them for pest removal. It is more because when they walk around the garden and notice the very expensive and fussy snowy white poinsettias and the deep red one drooping, it feels good to have a companion around purring for you. A purring helper always makes you feel better. You tell youself “to hell with the poinsettia. It can’t purr or blink at me and warm my lap can it?”

Another reason to have a feline gardener is that he or she will always walk around each and every part of your garden so as you watch anxiously, you will be led to every pot to ensure that it is watered and inspected for various ailments or needs.

Cat-gardeners also make very handy companions when you are reading up your boring, heavy, long, books about gardening. They don’t snigger or grin when you let your precious orchid die, or your precious fittonia falter when you buy one grown inside coco pit instead of the normal soil you were used to.

Cat-gardeners make every nasty shocks and surprises in your garden easier to bear as they spread out their serenity all over the muck, the potting, the sweeping, the composting, and all that hard work. Cat-gardeners are cheap. They hardly cost you a penny. All they ask is that you remember to fill up the garden with a neat patch of catnip, several pots of Spider Plants, lots of lemon grass (which will be handy for your herbal tea as well) and grass especially for cats.

And here is a nice recipe to try for your cat-gardener’s diet.

You will need 2 cups brown rice

One kg. lean beef, minced.

I tsp. salt

2 tsp. wheat germ.

Cook rice and set aside. Cook everything else in a non-stick pan with a little water for 15 minutes.

Mix meat mixture with cooked rice.

Divide the mixture into daily serve-size portions and freeze until required.

From: Reader’s Digest.

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