Did I water the African Violet? Cat-Gardening tale

Are you asking me whether I have watered the African Violet or not? Well to be honest I haven’t! But I have given it a lot of love and tenderness. And if you are thinking twice about hiring me, let me give you some really helpful gardening and green tips. They will show you why I will always be hired for cat-gardening….

Here are some tips to kill pests with sprays and repellents

1. For ants and caterpillars use chillies and soap. Take a handful of fresh red chillies and chop them up. Then put them in a spray bottle with some grated soap and water and use this as a spray to attack your garden pests. Remember to shake the bottle well before use. (Reader’s Digest 1001 Ways for Earth-wise Living.)

For aphids use detergent and a yellow container. Fill a shiny yellow container with water and then add one tbsp colorless detergent. Keep the container near the plants being attacked. The magic will happen because the yellow container will lure aphids and they will then drown in the water.

If you liked these tips please recommend me to other gardeners who need my services. Please tell them that a tip of catnip will be welcome….

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