The good news about Rainbow Crotons for Cat-gardening….

I am the brand new cat-gardener who was hired today as the other cat-gardeners were napping and could not be woken up.

I was set to work on the green house, which is really a yellow house and began my first day at work with a quick snooze on the cane sofa which really should not have been kept there, if they wanted me to start watering and potting immediately. Anyway after being gently woken up to start my first day, I did begin work by reminding the boss that the rainbow crotons so greedily bought up from the nursery needed to be watered.

Then I got distracted by the pigeons that arrived on the terrace and had to be reminded that there was more work to be done. So I made friends with the African Violets which were duly looked after while I had another little snooze to get used to my new line of work…

but by the time I finished inspecting the rainbow of crotons my time was up as a nap attacked me and that was the end of my first day at work. I will tell you all about the African Violets in my next edition of the Cat-gardening Chronicles. In the meantime remember to give your crotons the best of the sun’s hot breath and lots of water. Then they will color your garden like a fresh painter from heaven.

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