The sad story of a purring Cat-gardener about to be fired?

I am the purring gardener, the cat-gardener to be precise, who is giving her side of the matter concerning the slightly, very slightly drooping Pink Aglaonema, the Chinese Evergreen plant, that I seem to have not watered in time.It has been adorning our front room table like an angel from joy. But recently it has been drooping.  But my answer to this unfortunate state of affairs is: what about my dreams and the importance of investigating them when they come without warning, giving me serious advice about my life and its dilemmas? A very deep snooze crammed with vital dreams near the Pink, Green and orange Aglaonema was the reason for its slightly ragged appearance for which I am likely to be fired!

This Chinese Evergreen  is a very hardy plant. The best indoor plant that can survive anything, even a sleepy cat gardener! You can put it in the garage or your front room, and it will shimmer and shine its pink and orange dressing all over your life. It will certainly survive a cat gardener! So why are you firing me?! This plant in question has already put out an extra baby and will give you one more free plant to enjoy. So why not let me keep my job so the plant has a pleasant, pleasing, purring companion near it when you are out? Sleep on it, like I will, before making up your mind. Besides it is a brand new year and we should let bygones be bygones and think about happy catnip related matters and gourmet cat food etc. etc. And the plant is available in every nursery in town and is much cheaper there, than online. Plus it is fresh and before your eyes to choose. But a cat gardener, once lost, is gone forever. Then who will care for your heart and your soul, without extra charges?

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