Cat-gardening Chronicles: Flea Spray for cats & Dogs!

h1 class=”has-text-align-left”>I am still planning whether to be a cat-gardener, or a poet. Or maybe start a stall selling catnip! Right now I want to tell you all about how to make a flea spray for your dog or cat! If it works you can let me know and say thank you by sending me a large box of catnip!

This flea spray can be used for dogs and cats. You can spray it on their bedding too. It smells good, too which makes it easier to get them used to it.

You will need:

1 cup water.

4-6 drops of tea-tree oil

4-6 drops lavender oil

Mix ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle.

Keep sprayer by the door and spritz your dog or cat each time it goes outside. But take care not to spray on their eyes.

From: 1001 Easy Ways for Earth-wise Living. Reader’s Digest.

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