Hope followed me home in a Ginger and white dress!

Hope followed me today inside that very blackened corridor of gruesome human malice that has strangled me in its tight cord of dread and distress and brought me home safely with simple pot luck recipes to just survive: visited the small lane so close by, quickly walking past the chicken in cages waiting sadly to be killed, and carried a take out box filled with milk and crushed bread.

In the darkening night, it was seven thirty, I went timidly up the steps of that huge, glum, old and shabby building where two men have been rude to me, trying to shove me off! I am in a new place and they don’t trust me! I quickly looked around and in the darkness the stray mother cat, ginger and white, came quickly, hungrily, and pounced on the very simple milk and bread dinner! She began to gobble it up and then blinked at me and hope surged inside me that I might survive this dark drooling human malice that has attacked me.

Walked past the carts selling fried snacks, jilebis and other unhealthy treats, picked up ginger for treating the last of my cold. Also picked up two hair bands badly needed as Chuntu my grey and white cat steals them faster than they come!

Then checked out the new bakery that has opened next door and found everything less than good. Very unwholesome, dreadfully coloured,  cakes, breads, oily fritters, greasy fried breads, awful soft drinks. Only picked up crisp bread sticks to have with cheese and came home with hope snug inside my chest.

It reminded me that at least the mother cat always ravenous, always feeding four ginger kittens, would be able to nap a little better on this night of such disturbance for me.


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