Purring Roadside Psychic gives sad reading to Hello Travels & Your Tour Adviser Ghaziabad who harassed consumer

Psychic Kitty gives sad reading for Hello Travels online portal and Your Tour Adviser Ghaziabad for giving a hard time to Harish C. Jain and giving him a nightmare instead of a tour package holiday in Goa.

Harish paid up Rs. 20,000 to Your Tour Adviser for arranging a three day and four night stay with all meals and a tempo at a cost of Rs. 61,200. Your Tour Adviser acknowledged that they had received his money and had arranged the stay at Caravela Beach Resort in Goa. But they did not bother to send him the hotel vouchers, and other documents for staying at the hotel etc. Several attempts to contact Your Tour Adviser were ignored and Harish had to make his own arrangements with another hotel, spending extra money for everything.

 Both the district consumer forum and then finally the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission found both Your Tour Adviser Ghaziabad guilty of deficient service and unfair trade practice and ordered it to refund Rs. 20,000 to Harish.

They ordered Your Tour Adviser and Hello Travels to each refund Rs. 10,000 as compensation to Harish for causing him mental agony and harassment. Hello Travels tried to scuttle off by telling the court that it was only an online portal which was not responsible for bad service. But the court rightly ruled that it had lured the consumer towards Your Tour Adviser through its portal and was equally responsible for his travel tortures.

If they did not pay up within 45 days they would have to pay another Rs. 10000 to him.

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