Missing Maska & the silver-grey-ginger kittens


Missing Maska on a day restored by two slate grey-& ginger kittens

Today sank inside its hole of Maska gone and I bereft. So I went up stairs and fed a boiled egg to the one little stray grey kitten on the terrace. She was ravenous and enjoyed her egg. Her sister was missing and I saw her roaming the street with her very thin mother and felt even more hopeless. 

But little urgent tasks come to make us survive the shattering axe of dismal dread. So I cleared out their litter boxes and composted kitchen wastes. Ate up the garlic bread and felt it needed a little less cheese in it. Was glad to find the khichdi ready for eating in the fridge. 

Then the second kitten returned from her dangerous strolls with her very thin mother and settled down to play with her sister. This cheered me up. The sun shone down on them and they ran around the lemon grass, the ferns and the Spider Plants and finished the cat food and the egg. They  nestled against one another on a very tiny ledge and looked suspiciously at me as if I was the intruder instead of them! I bought spinach and methi from a road side seller to make dhoklas or parathas.

I almost finished Paranormality and enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.  The kittens posed for me, the way kittens always do, without being asked and were so joyous together I felt I could survive just one more day without Maska….

What the day, laced with a sudden downpour and then a blistering sun taught me was this: the smallest and poorest guests are the best ones to have! They bring the mystifying inexplicable suitcase crammed with gold hidden inside the walls of silence & innocence. 

As they ran inside the crumpled cardboard box in which they had been playing in sunshine, even when it got wet by the sudden downpour, they taught me that one can survive anything, even hell perhaps if one tries. Inside the wet cardboard box they had discovered a large dry patch on which they nested, hugging one another. They had discovered their personal gold just beyond the flooding!  

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