What exactly are the rewards or the consequences of trying to say Bon Appetit to an uninvited, unexpected guest?

What exactly are the rewards or the consequences of trying to say Bon Appetit to an uninvited, unexpected guest?

The stray grey cat had whirled into our building without being invited and had scolded us, badgered us and bullied us into feeding her the chicken she had got used to. She had marauded the dustbin and picked up left overs and had become a regular unnerving guest.

She was a very thin cat, who after 2 weeks of chicken dinners and lunches, had begun to blossom with her charcoal and iron grey fur beginning to glimmer and glow revealing gold drops in its lining. Her eyes blinked approvingly at us with her chicken dinner, after she had hammered us with fury over the dry cat food we had dared to give her in the beginning, ever since she invaded our lives.

Dry cat food brought out a terrible anger in her and she scolded us so much when she saw it, that we wondered what could be in it! She made us feel like murderers which wasn’t good at all. 

After getting her chosen meals she poured a silken sunlit banner of balm over us all with her blinking and we thought thankfully that this was the end of our worries with this perky stray visitor. But alas, there is really no final ending with the business of cats, stray or home bred. The very next day she was on the terrace with three tiny little kittens, the color of Rex Begonias, silver grey and solemn as angels, that we had to begin to worry about!

One hour in sunshine was fun, picking them up, petting them, making small cardboard bedrooms for them all as they clambered up and down the ivies, the ferns, the dahlias and the roses. But even as we began to contact animal welfare groups, knowing this flighty mother, almost a baby herself, was not going to be the best choice for them, a thunderstorm fell over the City.

Within seconds the mother and two of the kittens had vanished leaving one little one behind. She screeched and cried and yelled and groaned inside the little room we kept her in, safe from the icy cold rainy night. Now we await the mother, hoping to find some solution to this new issue.

We have not been able to say Bon Appetit to the baby of its mom either, as she won’t touch a drop of food till she gets back her family!

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