Saying Bon Appetit to an uninvited Surprise Guest

Saying Bon Appetit to an uninvited Surprise Guest

We were watching The Bodyguard on Netflix when the uninvited surprise guest arrived at the doorstep, screaming loudly for food.

She was a very thin, very hungry, very angry guest, dressed in charcoal grey and black fur with a meow to wake up the dead. She had been invading the dustbin for chicken leftovers and now thought it was time to visit the flat itself since the dustbin was empty. The only person who ate chicken in our flat was out of town for a while. We would die rather than touch chicken or kill it! 

what on earth is this ghastly mess you are trying to kill me with?

 So naturally there was no chicken in the house that day, we were vegetarians and the guest was not pleased. She was the worst behaved guest we had had in recent times. She would not let us watch The Bodyguard, so addictive, till she had been fed. Her wail drowned out Netflix which was quite a feat.

We rushed to fill up a bowl with dry cat food from our cat’s larder and put it before our growling, grumbling grey and charcoal stray visitor. Bon Appetit we said and watched as she went to the bowl, sniffed it and gave us the dirtiest, filthiest look we have ever had from an uninvited, unexpected guest! Then she checked the dustbin again, glowered, and sat down patiently, hoping to find edible food from her hosts.

eggs are better but they are not proper lunch okay?

She glared as if we were trying to kill her with the cat food which made us wonder about it! She was ravenous as a concentration camp victim and yet would not touch the dry cat food. We finally boiled a couple of eggs which she deigned to eat reluctantly, clearly doing us a favor! But the bottom line was that we had disappointed her. This made us feel guilty and we could not enjoy The Bodyguard as much as we wanted to, as it is excellent. Then she settled down on the landing elegantly, in the manner of all cats, even posing for the camera with one eye shut, as if to say, she was willing to give us a chance to improve ourselves. 

For the next three days till the carnivore in our flat returned, she gave us a hard time by not heeding our Bon Appetit till she got her fresh kill of chicken! Till then we had to endure the most maddening meow of guilt soaring fury we have ever heard. She parked herself on the landing and hobnailed guilt knives into our souls each time we passed her. The cat food almost shot us down with her snarling.

But after the fresh expensive chicken was eaten by the surprise guest, we had to start seriously considering the case of the dry cat food we were giving our cats! And we also had to say thank you for the gorgeous jewels of serenity that even a stray, skinny cat gave to us after finally accepting our Bon Appetit! 

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