Purring Psychics give doleful reading for Kesari Tours in Mumbai which has been ordered to pay up Rs. 1,93,000 along with Rs. one lakh costs to honeymoon couple stranded in Singapore without transit visa to Australia

Kesri Tours? Never again! We will just stay at home!

Honeymooners Prajesh Unnikrishnan and his wife from Mumbai had a nasty beginning to their holiday when they made the mistake of asking Kesri Tours Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai to obtain visas to visit New Zealand. 

They paid up Rs. 12, 542 to this mediocre tours and travel agency which got them their visa for New Zealand but did not bother to also get a transit visa of Australia.

So when they tried to board their flight at Singapore airport they were not allowed to do so as they had no transit visa of Australia. They had to spend the night in Singapore airport suffering harassment and inconvenience and agony. Finally they had to get the transit visa on their own.

no trips with Kesri Tours ever again!

The Central Mumbai district consumer forum found Kesri Tours guilty of deficient service and negligence and ordered it to pay back Rs. 1,93,000 to Prajesh with Rs. 25,000 as compensation for deficient service and Rs. 10,000 as costs. 

Kesri Tours went in appeal to the State Commission which dismissed their appeal. They went again in appeal to the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and its President and members found the case unsavory as it reeked with the scent of negligence and bad service causing mental agony to the honeymooners.

In addition it ordered this incompetent travel firm to also pay up another Rs. 1 lakh as costs to Prajesh through a demand draft and to follow the district forum’s order without further delay.

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