Fangs and fruit salad from a day of Missing Maska


Fangs and fruit salad from a day of Missing Maska

Another cold and callous morning dawned to tangle my soul with memories of my tender lost Maska. But her sister Mishti was wrapped around my feet like a plump ginger angel of mercy, forgiving me for losing her sister. As we talked – me grieving and Mishti blinking, the necessities of daily living pulled me out of the bed – Mishti buttering me up for her favourite Tuna dish and my coffee which thanks to some kitchen savior turned out perfect.


Tuna fish was somewhat of a fang from this Maska missing day. Tuna products are not a good buy for those of us who care for the planet! Activists tell us that tuna fishing affects the earth in many ways and we should avoid it…

But then something else brightened the day or at least made it bearable when I walked past the fetid shop of the ghoulish vegetable seller nearby who had sold me a parcel of bad vegetable on a dark night when I could not inspect them. The beetroots were ancient like the Pyramids, hard stones, crusted and tasteless. The cucumbers had holes in them like rats had tasted them in advance and the cauliflower was having a picnic for an army of sniggering little green pests. So it felt good to throw back all the trash to him. Then I bought a large white clean and fresh cauliflower, fresh cucumbers, shining orange carrots and pleasing potatoes from a young boy’s very neat shop and walked past the ghoul’s shop feeling pleased to see his furious, regretful, sour  face.


But alas I was still not sturdy enough to also pick up the small mound of brinjals someone had thrown away, to pick up and take home to compost.

I realized that the largest mountain of loss and its frightening fangs do not allow for much concern for the environment. All that seems lost inside the heart lodging a taunting tenant called Regret! It pays no rent but rots inside the gloomy room where nothing makes sense. 

But as I cooked and made a delicious coconut and vegetable stew for the patient, and promised myself not to buy any more tuna food for Mishti, the day began to allow me to live without her sister gone so frighteningly away from me….The day which leaves me bereft of the most shimmering page in the diary that peace inhabits in my life.

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