A night bearing gifts after another broken day of missing Maska

Another day that brought me gifts while Missing Maska

Another deathly day wrapped me up in its ferocious folds as I tried to deal with missing Maska again. 

The morning brought me a cup of hot coffee made with a filter which tasted as good as one from a coffee stall. Dreams did not bring Maska to meet me but the ivies glimmered in all the pots and Maska’s sister was sitting on my lap when I woke up!

She put her golden eyed blinks into my face, looking eerily like her lost sister, and my frozen heart began to think about thawing out little by little by litter.

Then the spinach seller came by the gate, shouting out his wares and for once I was able to catch him as he sat down on a stool and put out his wares! He had fresh, dark green bundles of spinach, coriander, and even a bag full of lemon grass, green garlic and green onion! All happy healthy kitchen delights. So I bought up bits of all of them, deciding what to make for another lunch without Maska.

Then I had a very hot bath and another cup of boiling coffee and fed the cats and hypnotized myself for another long nap. This one brought me a dream about searching for a favourite large and second hand bookstore which often comes in my dreams. It winds around my present and previous concerns about work related worries.

This time I looked for it inside a building where I saw a man opening a closed door. I asked him if he knew where this shop was. He led me upstairs to a large room filled with furniture. There was a large loft underneath this room and he told me the book shop was below us.

I climbed down and found a very large outlet mall filled with tiny cabins selling household goods, prayer items like candles, small statues of gods, angels, cards, religious stuff like paintings, prayer books, stationery, kitchen and bathroom equipment, and all other stuff. But there were no books! It was as if the book shop had turned into a fair!

And there was one tiny cubicle selling lots of plants! And it seemed to be selling only ivy plants! There were more than 15 or more types of ivies glimmering for me, the plant that for some reason cheers me up at once! I was so thrilled to find them, as I had missed them a lot in my new place where I had lost all the old ivies I had brought from my old garden.

There was my favourite bottle green ivy, a yellow and green one, a grey and white one, a cream and white one and many more beauties. I told him to give me three of each of my lost treasures and he packed them up neatly inside tiny transparent bags. 

Then he charged me very little for the whole lot – just 250 rupees or so! I was immensely pleased.

I woke up feeling much better and Mishti, my lost cat’s sister was still on my stomach, warming me up and blinking with her gold eyes to say that this day too would be nice and could I please give her some catnip as a treat?

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