How Mishti my little cat learns Animal Communication before me!

The Mysterious Magic of Telepathy with Mishti my small ginger cat!

Whenever I read about this very startling and eerily flourishing and multiplying tribe of animal communicators, Pet Psychics, Pet Healers etc. infiltrating the world today, I am also silenced by their claims of working their magical charms with the help of telepathy!

They claim to talk to our pets when they are alive, well, sick or even dead! All this is done through telepathy, intuition, the photo of our pets, even communicating with them through the phone! Around ten animal communicators even sent me small, detailed tips through email, teaching me how to communicate with animals. I tried out all these lessons diligently but did not get a single sign that they worked.

My cats slept through my efforts so rudely I was shaken and switched to Netflix to survive my shame and guilt since cats can be very nasty when they are telling us how stupid they think we are!

So I began to watch the very best of Netflix treats – Line of Duty, all over again, as it is so addictive, so thrilling, that I could watch it again, with my friend as I helped her to get through her cancer treatment. Line of Duty and Fargo are the only Netflix serials that I could watch again, because they are so good!

But getting back to animal communication and my pathetic attempts to learn the magic of telepathy and phone connecting with my cats, and my friend’s doggy, I was still lacking the ‘real’ powers of the world’s best Pet Psychics!

The absolutely furious looks my cats were giving me could be because they were secretly reading online with me: about those five Hong Kong Pet Psychics who had recklessly and stupidly talked to a lost tortoise, for a tv channel, which had cheated them by showing them the picture of a tortoise which was only a plastic toy!

One of these animal communicators, was Thomas Cheng, founder of the Institute of Scientific Animal Communication! He looked aghast in the photograph of him, when told that he had just telepathically connected with a toy tortoise costing peanuts!

Or perhaps my cats had also not missed the story about  Sonia Fitzpatrick who was talking to two puppies while auditioning for America Has Talent: and one of them just jumped down from the chair and ran away from her! She was rejected by the judges with one of them commenting  that the dogs had decided she was not up to the mark! Plus being a Psychic she also would have ‘read’ that she had been dismissed!

But then the strangest thing happened! While the seven or eight free small classes sent to me by email by animal communicators (to egg me onto joining the full classes ranging from a 100 dollars to 500 dollars) had not worked for me, they seemed to have oddly worked on Mishti, my cream and ginger cat who proudly displayed her telepathic powers on me!

I had been on and off treating her for a very bad and long spell of skin infections with everything from vets and even some herbal cream. Finally, the blistering hot sun in Hyderabad had healed her 99 per cent with the tiniest dot of red remaining on her side. In the two years since her treatment I had often used the word ‘medicine Mishti’ to her. So now when I tried to get rid of the smallest red spot on her back by bringing out the small bottle of iodine, I made the mistake of saying “Medicine Mishti” and she read this telepathically and bolded! It was as if the Reiki or the flower essences or even the devil had grabbed her and she had vanished with him!

I was crushed and glum and gloomy that my cat had picked up tips from the free lessons sent to me by those animal communicators, while I had been too stupid to learn! But then I just began to watch Line of Duty, season 4, and was at once healed and thrilled all over again by bent coppers and AC-12 out to get them!


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