10 gifts of tenderness from a day of Missing a lost friend

10 gifts of tenderness from a day without Maska

  1. I nearly wanted death to come and get me as usual, even today, as I missed my lost friend Maska. But this day stopped me with its gifts:
  2. It made me take a nice, small and gentle walk inside Maktha, which is a community of poorer people, almost a slum area and I found its innocence softening. 
  3. Then the day introduced me to a stray, grey and charcoal cat which came looking for her tea time snack to a small beef shop.
  • The shop owner gave her a generous piece of meat for which she sat neatly and decorously, as cats do, waiting for it. When it came she ate it hungrily, then vanished! She comforted my swollen heart, still black with grief.
  • The small walk made me find several nicer, brighter grocery shops and I at once began to use them instead of the small, grubby, rather depressing small shop near my house. I had picked up sugar from there which had an army of ants crawling all over inside the packet! It had taken me an hour or so it seemed, to remove them!
  • I also found a man selling jilebis inside a clean container and I bought some for Neytri who loves this fattening sweet. She is only ten, and can afford to eat as many as she wants! She was thrilled with the gift which also cheered me up.
  • I made short bread which turned out perfect, as short bread always does, as long as you are generous with the butter!
  • I also walked away from a rather irksome television series called the Woo Assassins which tired me out.
  • Instead I came down and petted the cats and had a cup of warm milk with chocolate in it and went to sleep.
  • I had brought back fresh green capsicums and decided to make a tasty, healthy salad with them. This would help to use up the small mountain of  cucumbers in the fridge. 

Peace papered the hours strangled with pain and would do to survive another dreadful day.

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