What to do when a Pet Psychic Bothers Us!

I will be doing some readings against Pestilential Pet Psychics!

Just reading between the lines

About all those Pet Psychics who

Charge 500 or 700 or 100 dollars

And cash of all kinds for readings

But often get the sex of the cat

Or the dog wrong, and even talk

To a tortoise that was only a toy!

(When one tv channel caught them

Out by asking them to talk to a lost

Tortoise by showing them the pic

Of a plastic tortoise, I began to

Think it is time we join hands

With all the animals of the world

And become our own Pet Psychics!

We think it is rude to pretend to

Talk to us, when most of us go to

Sleep when they are on the phone,

Cashing in on our lives with lies and

Ludicrous insane answers to stupid

Questions from silly animal lovers,

We must now make up our minds 

To create our very own Pet Psychic

Policing to crush all Fakes & Frauds!

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