Purring Psychic Kitty gives a doleful, dreary reading for Quadros Motors in Goa and Jeep Automobiles in Bandra Bombay who will have to pay up Rs. 50,000 compensation to Goa musician who gets his red Jeep very late…

Tertuliano Darryl Gomes, a travelling musician from Goa had booked a Jeep Compass Vehicle, Exotica Red Color from the Director of Quadros Motors Pvt. Ltd. Evencio Quadros the dealer of Jeep Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. in Bandra Bombay.

Since he needed the Jeep urgently to carry his musical instruments in it as he toured Goa for his music programmes, he got assurances from Quadros Motors that the jeep would be delivered within 14 days. They quickly took the amount of Rs. 17,50,000 from him and then turned cold and lazy about delivering the jeep. He had to use cabs for his work and finally complained to the Goa consumer forum that the jeep had arrived almost four months after payment, causing him loss, inconvenience and distress.

The Goa consumer forum agreed with him and ordered Quadros Motors and Jeep Automobiles to pay up Rs. 50,000 as compensation Tertuliano along with costs of Rs. 3 thousand and interest at 8 per cent on the cost of the jeep!

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