The Pet Psychic & The dead California Doggy!

Just read about this Pet Psychic in the Washington Post in a report called Pet Psychic Uses her Animal Instincts from the Los Angeles Times. She says she hears voices in her head. Diane Forestell gets $ 100 an hour for her services. 

She can talk telepathically with horses, angry cats, rude dogs and even mares and she can tell you what is wrong with them, and how to correct the problem.

She is yet another animal communicator,(from that huge, overpowering, overpopulated “Rainbow Bridge” Heaven of unbelievable  people and pet psychics) and also that mysterious person called a “channeler” through which spirits and even deities can communicate with us poor, stupid, dumb humans!

There was only this one small problem about her: when she began to connect with a dog through its photo given to her  by the reporter interviewing her, she got the sex wrong! The ‘’chanelling” between the dog and her was not going well!  Either the dog was asleep, (being a wise dog,) or her telepathy was on a holiday as the male dog she was presumably talking to was actually a female dog called Heidi!

Then there was an even bigger Ouch with this parapsychologist! When she was shown a photograph of a California pooch called Timi  believed long lost by her owners, her telepathy and connection with the dog, said it was still alive and living with a kind, old lady in Silver Spring! When she was  told that the dog was euthanized in Southern California she quickly sidestepped this huge splatter and splash and splutter into woo glue territory by saying that whatever had happened to the dog had been done near an interstate!  

Despite such massive evidence of fraud, charlatan tricks and robbery, grieving pet owners rush to pet psychics to ‘talk’ with their dead pets or get advice for their live ones! 

This makes us dogs think about turning into Pet Psychics ourselves! Scientists have already told the world how very psychic we are! Then why can’t we earn 700 to 500 dollars each for our readings and buy  ourselves some gourmet dog food and toys to enjoy? Will anyone please employ us, the real Dr. Doolittles  of the world!

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