My Real Animal Communicator lives at Home!

How Cats Tidy up the most Gruesome Day with Grace or

Cats are our only real Animal Communicators!

Those of us who are crazy enough to pay up 300 dollars to Sonia Fitzpatrick for solving our animal related problems, and 700 dollars to Brent Atwood for the same garbled gurgling rubbish (some knuckleheads pay up even more) we should actually be paying the real in house Psychics who do the work for us totally free!

My cats manage to tidy up and even adorn the most gruesome day that has fallen upon me with their eerie and very powerful Sixth Sense & intuition tucked inside their heads!

Kittles my grey cat had this very beseeching look she got whenever a couple came to our home one time. She seemed to feel that they should not be coming so often! But we welcomed them in very often. We even scolded Kittles for being so unsociable. Then one day they suggested that they would like to come to our home every evening to watch National Geography and Animal Planet with us, as they did not want to bother with having a television in their homes as it would spoil them! These two sensible programmes they would like to watch with our television!

We made the mistake of saying they could and realized within a week that Kittles had been right about not being too nice even to friends we like! We realized it wasn’t much fun watching National Geographic and Animal Planet daily,  especially since we wanted to gobble up the latest chills and thrills in the nail biting tv series In the Line of Duty! We were also obliged to make dinner every night for our television stealers and it just got so unpleasant!

As we painfully resolved this issue and gently told our friends either to buy their own television or do without National Geographic etc. Kittles gave us her very sharp look which said “I told you so!”. 

And now as I read about how television channels and journalists who use their brains and not their idiocy and laziness when interviewing Animal Communicators, Pet Psychics and their charlatan tribes have found out their true colours, I feel guilty for not having paid up at least one large bowl of catnip to my very own in house Animal Communicator!

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