Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (16): Ivy takes to Gardening

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal

In that dilapidated year of my life, when a grey cat trotted into my house, without prior notice, (like all of her tribe) I named her Ivy as she reminded me of those serene grey and green ivy leaves I often found during my holidays in London.

It was my time of drought when I seemed to be hanging from a cliff, between work and wealth, friendships and family, and nothing seemed to make sense. But Ivy, a stray cat with nothing at all of her own, lured me into this freedom of choice that comes up in the most dreary desert. It pulls us into  ourselves, to seek out whatever is just around us, to make do, and to sit quiet.

It was our personal Rose Rabadi – that dessert to make out of roses, whole milk, cream and sugar! IN other words, something peaceful and plentiful, to make out of inner wealth.

We read often and came across this very wise and interesting piece on health and gardening, written by Steve Taylor PH.d in Psychology Today. It kept us reading till the very end. It is called :Happiness is Green-coloured – why is there such a strong association between gardening & well being?”

It tells us how very useful gardening is to add to the Rose Rabadi recipes we were collecting every day to sweeten that sorrowing or gangrenous time! He convinces us about the wealth that is hidden inside gardening and how it can easily save us millions of pounds, rupees and dollars we spend on psychiatric drugs!

He reminds us how gardening can kidnap us and keep us inside its green web, not leaving us till we have soaked up its serenity.

Research in the U.K. showed that 80 per cent of gardeners feel fulfilled with their lives as compared to an average of 67 per cent. Those who spent the longest hours with their petunias, roses, potatoes or cabbages, were the happiest. 93 per cent admitted it cheered them up immensely! 

Gardening is now being used as therapy for depressed and anxious patients. 

Another excellent reason to choose it instead of expensive drugs with their side effects and short term uses, is that it is free! It brings us joy without bothering us with planning or organizing! We can just leap into it with our favourite old clothes and some tools and a watering plant!

After finishing this piece Ivy and I went into the garden and planted some cuttings of begonias, ivies, Geraniums, ferns etc. Then we examined our collection of roses and soaked up some free therapy thanks to tips from  Steve Taylor PH.D!

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