Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Roses Journal (15) Ivy, the tortoise & the Five Ridiculous Animal Communicators in Hong Kong!

Pages from my Grey Cat & Red Rose Journal (15)

Ivy and the 5 Stupid Pet Psychics!

In that year of staying put from the world, when a grey cat called Ivy invited herself in (like all cats) to my house, we did some odd and clueless stuff together which somehow became fun along the way!

Recently we read about these five animal communicators or Pet Psychics as they love to call themselves, being asked by a reporter in Hong Kong, to engage in a tortoise test!

After being paid their massive prices ranging from 150 HK $ to 400 HK $ they appeared in a news story aired by i. Cable where a reporter showed them the picture of a ‘’lost tortoise” and asked them to communicate with it, so it could be found and returned to its grieving owner!

One Pet Psychic ‘contacted’ the tortoise and said that it had told her it had run away as it was bored in its home and wanted to be free. Another Pet Psychic told the reporter that the tortoise had communicated with her to tell that he wanted more attention! All the Animal Whisperers gave different stories reportedly coming from the mouth of the vanishing tortoise!

Then they were told that the picture shown to them was of a plastic toy tortoise! They had wasted their ‘magical’ telepathy, inner voice, intuition and other such rubbish for a toy!  They were abashed and tried to mend matters with lame excuses but Hong Kong’s smarter people had a field day and were giggling over this video footage proving that so called animal whisperers were as empty as an old tin biscuit tin! 

Hopefully people will think twice and thrice before shelling out their hard earned money to these charlatans! The story got 760,000 views on Tuesday and would probably have doubled by now! How long are we going to allow such jokers to insult our animals by pretending to talk to them, when they can’t talk back and tell them to shut up!

Ivy decided to be her own Purring Psychic and gave a very good reading for New York which has finally banned the declawing of cats with a fine of 1000 dollars for  those who do this horrible thing to cats!

The red roses too began to shine for New York and wondered when India would do the same magic!


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