Psychic Purring Kitty gives lucky reading to consumers: Shopper’s Stop Ltd. cannot charge consumers for carry bags now!

Purring Psychic Kitty gives a lucky reading for shoppers: Shopper’s Stop Ltd. has stopped charging its customers for carry bags thanks to the Chandigarh consumer forum!

The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and the District consumer forum Chandigarh has come to the help of a couple who had complained against Shopper’s Stop Ltd. which charged them Rs. 5 each for goods they bought from it.

Pankaj Chandgothia bought a wallet worth Rs. 2169 from Shopper’s Stop Ltd. which refused to put it inside a carry bag unless he paid Rs. 5 for it. He paid up and then complained to the district consumer forum saying that the MRP (the maximum retail price) for the goods bought is fixed taking into account all overhead charges, including the carry bag!

The district consumer forum and the State Consumer Commission commended the concern of Pankaj Chandgothia for regularly visiting the court to win this complaint.

He is an advocate and was keen to ensure that consumers should not be charged for carry bags as they came under the MRP. Shopper’s Stop Ltd. told the courts that it has stopped charging for all carry bags now and was also asked to deposit Rs. 100 in the Consumer Legal Aid account of the State Commission. They also refunded the amount taken, Rs. 5 each to the consumers for their carry bags!

All shoppers should now refuse to pay for carry bags wherever they shop, as it is illegal to charge them for it.

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