Pet Psychic & the Amber Test by Pawrus!

Pet Communication: Fact or Myth?

Pawrus Singapore investigates – Pet Communicator!

In our busy and hectic lifestyles, we rarely get to spend quality time with our pets. Our faithful companion waits for us for up to 10 hours a day or more, only to greet us happily upon our return from work/school. As a pet parent, sometimes we wonder, do we really know what our pets are thinking? Do they feel lonely? Do they feel boredom? Do they want to go out? These are all questions that pet owners would love to have answers to. Luckily for us, there exists those who call themselves ‘pet psychics’ – people with the ability to communicate with animals, both dead and alive. Are they able to live up to their reputation as claimed? Is Animal Communication an abstract reality or a mere myth?

The Realm of Pet Communication

What is a ‘pet psychic’? The definition from Wikipedia goes as:

pet psychic, or animal communicatoris a person who claims to communicate psychically with animals.

Pet psychics claim to use Reiki, a method of extrasensory perception that converts electromagnetic signals into invisible telepathic messages that are perceived objectively by the user. 

As the realm of pet communication is usually an unregulated one and largely unscientific, it is contingent that we rely on whatever anecdotal evidence there is to test out the effectiveness of this skill. One example is examined in context here.

Amber Communicator Table

The Pet Psychic trade has overwhelmed the world of pets and their owners with a massive sea of Doctor Doolittles all over the place!

They do Reiki, Feng Shui, aroma therapy, auras, chakras etc. to heal your cat. After you pay them anything ranging from 40 dollars to 400 dollars, rupees, pounds or whatever, they talk to your pets, both living and dead.

Since it is an enormous, unregulated and unsupervised or scientifically tested trade, Pawrus decided to find out how a pet psychic works. Here is the result of one test done when an animal communicator worked with Amber the toy poodle!

  1. Observation from the Animal Communicator: She is obedient. Her owner: She is obedient most of the time,yes. This is only because we trained her since young. (20 per cent right.)
  2. Observation from the AC: She is timid. 

Her owner: No. If anyone met Amber they should know that she is one of the friendliest dogs around. Amber loves  dogs, she loves humans even more. You just need to reach your hand or call her name and Amber will run to you and give you kisses, unless she is tired of course. (0 per cent).

  • Observation from AC: she is calm. Owner: No. Amber is high energy dog. She gets excited easily and has a lot of stamina for her size. 
  • Observation from AC: she needs to socialize more. Her owner: just go to You Tube and watch Amber’s videos. She meets and socializes with different dogs almost on a daily basis. We bring her down for walks every single day and even allow her to interact with passers by and she enjoys it. So the answer is: NO!
  • Observation from AC: She is very young. One year old. The owner: Amber is almost 2.5 years old. Amber could not have said this to the animal communicator! Or maybe Amber’s mathematics failed!
  • Total results: 20 per cent! From the Amber Communication table!

From the testimony above, it seems that pet communication is a carefully crafted farce that relies on a keen observation of the pet’s immediate behaviour and temperament. 

After reading this piece by Kevin of Pawrus, I was aghast by yet another let down by pet psychics!

So why do we fork out 40 dollars or even 400 dollars and more to let quacks and charlatans twitter to our pets who surely have better things to do?!! Fortunately most of them don’t bother to reply or just sleep off the shit!

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